Event - Office Chair Massage in Las Vegas
Event - Office Chair Massage in Las Vegas 


Since 1990, we have led in helping companies make their trade show exhibits a success. Our goal is to help companies draw attendees into their booth, hospitality suite, exhibit or at any event by providing a stellar service that customers appreciate. It's all about creating a welcoming environment for your guests.


On-site chair massage has be come the most sought after service provided to travelers, enabling companies to reap a tremendous ROI and keep a stream of steady customers at their events.


Offering complimentary chair massage increases attendance and duration of visits to your exhibit, party or trade show. Your customers will gratefully listen to your presentation after receiving this thoughtful gift, and will associate their good feelings with your product! Hired Hands supports your marketing efforts by conveying your message in Las Vegas! And don't forget about your hard working staff, who will benefit from our touch on their long work days.


Our massage therapists are trained to blend in our clients’ corporate environment, rather than disrupt. Our only agenda is your agenda. Our mission is to help ensure your trade show, exhibit, or any kind of event makes a favorable impression, and that your exhibit is the most popular one.


Hired Hands Massage has high standards for our staff. We know you have a significant investment of time and money in your event, and we want it to be a success! We provide well-groomed, friendly, well-qualified, licensed, insured chair massage therapists.


Hired Hands Massage (Las Vegas) is on the official service  provider list of the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority, and is a member of the Las Vegas Hospitality Association.


Office chair massage, also known as corporate massage or on-site massage, is given fully clothed on specially designed chair. No oil is used, so no worries about stains or smells. Just designate a quiet, comfortable area such as a conference room where our massage therapists can setup their equipment, and let us deliver your message of gratitude.

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Phone: +1(702)-736-5887


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Event Planners, Exhibitors, Show Management, Concierges, Human Resource Departments, Individuals, and Corporations.

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