Event - Office Chair Massage in Las Vegas
Event - Office Chair Massage in Las Vegas

Chair Massage Services FOR YOUR LAS VEGAS EVENT

We provide chair massage services for your:

  • Convention Booth chair massage

  • Trade Show chair massage

  • Employee Reward

  • Employee Health Fair chair massage

  • Thank Customers for Repeat Business

  • Thank Customers for Referrals

  • Hospitality Events chair massage

  • Parties chair massage

  • Family Events chair massage

  • Sporting Events chair massage

  • Girls’ Nights Out parties

  • Pre-Wedding Events chair massage parties

  • Mothers Day chair massage parties

  • Fathers Day chair massage parties

Are your employees under extra stress? Is office morale dipping? We can help with that!

Hired Hands Massage will work with your budget, large or small. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.


Chair massage can be given in 5-30 minute increments; flexible enough to work with any event.


A typical hour of time can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 5 employees (10-30 minute massages, allowing time to reset between users). So a typical three-hour visit can accommodate 12-15 employees. A single therapist can easily handle a six-hour shift, allowing for either two- 15 min breaks or a half hour break.


We can usually massage  an average of 4-5 people per hour, per therapist. If you have more than 15-20 employees or a limited amount of time, we can schedule two or more corporate chair massage therapists to work simultaneously.


We arrive in our uniform.


All you’ll need to do is designate a clear area at least 5’ x 5’ per chair where guests can comfortably enjoy their chair massage. You are welcome to get as creative as you like to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you would like us to bring some soothing music just ask!

Chair massage enhances the quality of the experience for everyone, be it a health fair, trade show, or any of the numerous events held annually in Las Vegas.  It says you value your guest and want them to know it. After all, how many trinkets like pens, candy, or note pads do they really need? Gift them with a high quality, personal chair massage tailored to their individual needs and that will leave a lasting, favorable impression.

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We Work With:

Event Planners, Exhibitors, Show Management, Concierges, Human Resource Departments, Individuals, and Corporations.

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